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Buy Japanese snacks online

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Date Added: October 29, 2012
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A konbini is a Japanese word for a convenience store. If you enter one of those you’d be overwhelmed with the range of snacks that are available for a sweet tooth or may be not to choose from. If you are not Japanese, some of the names may send you running out of the shop but don’t despair. Since shopping online is en vogue, you could decide to Buy Japanese snacks online. However, it will be better if you had an idea of what you are buying.


Some Japanese Snacks online




This a Japanese cracker made from a mixture of glutinous rice and soy sauce. Arare is a Japanese word for snow pellets and the snack is thus called because the smaller ones are shaped like snow pellets. It comes in different sizes, shapes and colour and can be sweet or a bit sour. Normaki arare is arare wrapped in seaweed. This snack is also known in Hawai under the name kakimochi the only difference between arare and senbei is in the shape.




As a result of Chinese influence, confectionery became known in China and thanks to the Spanish and Portuguese, western style sweets were introduced. These two influences brought revolution in Japanese sweet that led to the present day Wagashi. Its main ingredient is red beans or azuki beans and other ingredients like wheat germ or sesame seeds may be added as needed. Variation this much cherished sweet includes namagashi, monaka, yokan and manju. It is commonly served with tea. There are many online shops that sell this if you’re looking to buy oriental snacks online.


Ajitsuke Nori


This can be compared to the western potato chips only it is made from sea weed. This popular Japanese snack is well loved by both Japanese and strangers. This sweet tasting snack is served with rice roll or soy sauce. If you are looking to buy Japanese snack online, you could try this favourite Japanese snack that could even be homemade.


The above are just some of the numerous Japanese snacks that can be found online. Although it is true that theses snacks can be found online, it is also true that most of these online stores are based away from most western countries. So if you leave in a western country and wants any of the Japanese snacks it may be important that it may take time for the order to arrive taking into consideration all delays related to posting. However, if you really need to enjoy your snacks as a soon as possible, instead of buying Japanese snacks online, it could be better to look at your local Japanese grocery. You may be lucky to get what you want.


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