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Alduin Montagno's Press Releases

  • » TSW Solomon Island Overview
  • An overview and detailed guide to the Solomon Island area located in the popular MMO game known as The Secret World. Tips and tricks to completing this section of TSW are included in this article.

  • » TSW Red Handed Mission Guide
  • A full, step by step guide to the Red Handed missions given to players of the popular MMO game, The Secret World. This article breaks down each tier of the quest for players to easily complete it using this guide.

  • » The Secret World Overview of Crafting
  • Crafting is a essential part of nearly all MMO games for the PC. Read this article and learn about the details of crafting items and gear in the new MMORPG from Funcom called The Secret World.

  • » TERA Online Leveling Tips and Tricks
  • Leveling in TERA is a bit different than other MMO games due to the unique combat gameplay. This article reveals some of the best tips and tricks for quickly earning experience to level your TERA character fast.

  • » Importance of The Secret World Builds for Beginners
  • This article takes a detailed look into the art of constructing player builds for the popular MMO game, The Secret World. This covers everything from DPS to tank builds and more to help with leveling, PvP and PvE gameplay.

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